Who We Are

Ellie:  Founder of Crying Out Now, Co-Moderator and Contributor, Ellie is a sober wife and mother of two young kids, and a work-at-home jewelry artist and designer.  She has a passion for breaking down the stigma that surrounds alcoholism and addiction, especially for women, and writes about her own journey on her blog One Crafty Mother. She is also Co-Founder of The Bubble Hour, an internet talk show/podcast featuring real people sharing their real stories of addiction and hope.  In her (limited) spare time she chases around her big fluffy dog and four chickens and tries (futilely) to create some semblance of order, one day at a time.

Lisa N. is a perfectly imperfect sober wife and mom, and Co-Moderator of Crying Out now. She has two relentlessly energetic, but precious children. The newest member of her family is a Labrador Retriever. Lisa can't find her keys, cell phone, or children, but she has found humor again after it was lost for a very long time. She believes that connecting with people who share similar tragedies and triumphs is a way to overcome and heal.  She is also Co-Founder of The Bubble Hour.

Michele is a sober woman, Co-Moderator of Crying Out Now, wedding planner, grief counselor, widow, mom of a 20 year old know-it-all (I know, lucky me!), gardener, voracious reader, blog writer and internet addict (looking for a 12 step program for that!).

Kate is a Co-Moderator of Crying Out Now and a working married Mom with two young children.   She is relatively new to sobriety, and is excited about the chance to share her experience, strength and hope with others to give back what was so freely given to her.

Lisa U. is a proud single mother of two teenagers and a goofy 100lb Great Pyranese, otherwise known as “The Polar Bear”, and Co-Moderator of Crying Out Now.  She built a career spanning over two decades as a leader and mentor to women in a traditionally male dominated industry.  Always comfortable in a board room setting and acting as master of ceremonies, Lisa is now channeling that energy to helping  women with the message that as women and mothers, we can and do recover.