The Bubble Hour

Hosted by Ellie S., Lisa N. and Amanda F., three sober women, The Bubble Hour is an internet talk show about recovery from alcoholism and addiction. 

Our mission is to offer another tool women can use to get through the tougher times of recovery - voices of real women who have walked the path before, or who are right where you are now, struggling day to day.

Real women.  Real Stories.  Real Hope.

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  2. This is amazing ladies! I loved when asked how her life is today, Lisa said "it's real". Such a simple statement, but so true and surprisingly the best feeling in the world.

    I am sure this new venture will help many women (and men) struggling with addiction. Great work! xoxo

  3. Ladies, thank you for creating "The Bubble Hour". I listen to the podcast while I run - secure in my own little bubble under my hat, behind my shades, between my headphones...(gasping for breath)...Sometimes I pause the poscast and run for a bit in silence as I think about a new idea or particular turn of phrase. Sometimes I chuckle, sometime I even wipe a tear (and pretend that it is sweat). Always I learn. xo, UnPickled

  4. You guys are lifesavers!

  5. I have been listening to the Bubble Hour since I first stopped drinking over 2 years ago and just want to send you a big thank you! Your podcasts have helped me so much! I listened to them while cooking dinner (my witching hour) for the early months, and now enjoy them while walking. Your shows help me remember why I quit drinking and help me stay motivated. I've mostly used WFS to stay sober, which has been a wonderful gift, but the Bubble Hour is my special bonus tool. I appreciate you all so much. Sending you my extreme gratitude.

  6. Jennifer, Seattle WAOctober 17, 2016 at 9:12 AM

    I found this website this morning, and this is such a gift!! I am celebrating 90 days today. I was struggling with thoughts of a high bottom, and so needed the reminder that this disease only heads one direction- down. I am a mother and wife with two beautiful kids and I feel so blessed to be Sober. Truly one day at a time. Thank you for this website. Jennifer

  7. I used to love this podcast, until they started simply reading out articles and things they had written earlier, now its just monotone and boring, it takes away the real and personal aspect of the show, its just a bit of a let down.