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Crying Out Now is over three years old now, and it reaches tens of thousands of people each month.

For more information and some straight talk about how I came to the decision to put up a contribution button, please read this post here.

We are very proud of what we've built and how much it has grown, however in order to continue the site and build it even more - to reach more people suffering from addiction or celebrating recovery - we are now offering two ways you can provide us with a financial contribution.  NOTE:  we are NOT a non-profit organization.  Yet.

You will see a "please contribute" button on the right hand side bar; this will take you to WePay where you can choose any amount to donate - even a small amount makes a difference, and the money goes towards site maintenance, marketing and the monthly costs of running the website.    These contributions can be made anonymously, or you can voluntarily add an email if you wish to receive a confirmation from us that you contributed.

You can also click here to contribute through WePay:

If You Like Our Site, Please Consider A Contribution

The second way you can contribute is to purchase Ellie's new eBook (also available in soft cover) called Let Me Get This Straight, which chronicles her addiction/recovery journey, as well as her recent battle with tonsil cancer and the everyday trials and joys of life with two kids.  It's a "Best of" compilation from her blog One Crafty Mother, which was one of the first blogs that openly spoke about addiction and recovery.

BOTH Crying Out Now (which was founded by Ellie and continues to be Administered by her) and One Crafty Mother are dedicated to breaking down the stigma of alcoholism and addiction, and providing a safe community for those who are struggling.

You can find the badge for buying the eBook (for MAC products purchase the eBook, but if you have a PC purchase the pdf file - you will NOT be able to read the eBook with a PC.  Both the pdf and the eBook  are $9.99.  Profits from these books sales go towards running Crying Out Now (as well as Ellie's new endeavor, The Bubble Hour, which is a brand new online radio/talk show where real people tell real stories of addiction and recovery.

You can find the badge/link to purchase the book here, too:

By The Best of One C...

Thank you so much for your support. We appreciate it very much. Together we are breaking down the stigma that surrounds alcoholism and addiction and helping people understand more about recovery. We get dozens of emails a month from people whose journey started by reading posts here, which is the whole mission of Crying Out Now.

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  1. Do you offer any type of sponsorship or guest posts! I would love to work with you! PLease send me an email and we can chat. Camille.s.mitchell@gmail.com