Our Mission

Crying Out Now is a community of women speaking about addiction and recovery - telling our truths, and breaking down the walls of stigma and denial surrounding addiction - One Story at a Time.

We believe passionately that shame keeps people sick and alone.    All too often, women who are struggling with their drinking feel that they are completely alone, that they are the only ones who do what they do, or who feel how they feel.    Crying Out Now is a place for women to speak openly about their struggles and successes.     It is a place for women who are drinking, women who are wondering about their drinking, or women who are sober and want to stay that way.


All stories are welcome.   You do not need to be sober or in recovery to share your story.   If you are interested in sharing your story, please see the "How to Submit" tab for further instruction.


Please offer your support to the brave women who post here by commenting.   You can comment Anonymously, if you wish.    Some people who post here are telling their truth for the first time, and getting responses/feedback mean so very much.    Addiction is a disease of isolation, shame and fear.   At Crying Out Now it is our mission to create an open, supportive community, and taking time to comment is a huge part of breaking through the stigma surrounding addiction.    By using our hearts and our voices, we have the power to heal.

Co-Moderator's Message:

Crying Out Now is a place of open, supportive communication.   While we encourage honest, helpful discourse, any comments that are personally insulting or hateful will be removed.