Monday, November 19, 2012

Introducing - The Bubble Hour- NEW TALK SHOW!

We have an exciting announcement to make!

Do you see that little tab up in the right hand corner called "The Bubble Hour"?

It's our new talk show!

Every week we will be recording a new episode covering various topics - interviews, tips, advice, etc.  We may invite people to read some of their pieces, we will have chats covering everything from tips on surviving a party to spirituality.

This first episode we're still ironing out some of the technical logistics, so please bear with us.  It features me (Ellie) and Lisa N - who is co-founder and co-host of "The Bubble Hour".

To find out why we named it that, you need to listen to the show. :)  Go to the tab and click on the listen button.

Or you can go to this link, here.

If you run into trouble listening to it, please leave a comment with the device you're trying to listen to it on, and we'll keep working on the wrinkles.

We will be uploading the episodes onto iTunes, as well (still figuring out how to do that).

A big tool in my early sobriety (and now) tool kit was listening to podcasts to help pass the time, help me through the tougher hours (the "witching hour", Friday nights, etc.) and the podcasts helped keep me motivated.

But I wanted to hear real stories from real women and mothers, offering real hope.  Not based on any particular program of recovery - just women like you and me sharing about themselves.

No answers - just stories.

If you have requests for show topics, please leave them in the comments!  As the episodes accumulate, they can be another tool in your sobriety toolbox.  The written word is powerful, but hearing the stories straight from the women themselves is even more powerful, in many ways.

It is another way to break down the stigma of what people picture when they hear the word "alcoholic".  The show demonstrates that we're just like everyone else, but with the disease of alcoholism, and that together we are stronger than we are alone.

And you are NOT alone.  If you're here reading posts, I strongly encourage you to take some quiet time and listen to the show as well.  Right now there's only one, of course, but there will be more, and so you can fill long hours in the kitchen, the car or on trips with the real hope offered by people who know exactly how you feel.

We're really excited about this, and we hope you'll help us spread the word!

UPDATED TO ADD:  We are now downloadable on iTunes for free!  Search for "The Bubble Hour" and then look to the right under 'media filters' and select podcasts.  

Thank you!

-Ellie and Lisa


  1. That sounds fantastic. I dont see the bubble on my phone so l will check my pc later. I am now on day 24 on this journey. Entering the holidays it would be great to hear how other women have dealt with it. This will be my first Christmas sober in a very long time. I would very much appreciate watching videos thad deal with this kind of real life issue. Thanks and goodluck!

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