Sunday, October 7, 2012

Celebrating Sobriety - I Need Your Help

***A note from Ellie, Founder of Crying Out Now:

Hey everyone! 

I was sick with cancer during Crying Out Now's 2nd anniversary, so I never had the chance to make a second anniversary video (like the first year one you see on the right hand sidebar).

So - I'm making a 2 1/2 year/promotional video instead, and I need YOUR help.

I'm asking for to email me a photo of yourself with a sign, again, except this time you can say ANYTHING you want. I'd love it if you put the amount of time you have - especially if you're new and have days/weeks/months - that is so inspiring, or you can put a message - a piece of advice that has helped you or that you say to others who are still struggling.   

I need at least 30 pictures, so please contribute if you can.  You can email the pictures to, and if you want a sense of what the video will look like, watch the one year video on the side bar.  You will see creative ways to send a message anonymously there, too, but I'm hoping some of you will be willing to show your beautiful faces! 

The overall message, of course, is that sobriety is beautiful, and NOT the end of the world or all the fun you'll ever have in your life; that it is, in fact, the beginning of the rest of your life and will open doors for you that you can't possibly imagine.

If you aren't in recovery (or active addiction - it's important to note you DO NOT have to be sober to be part of this video.  You could make a sign that says "still trying", or "Desire to stop drinking" or something like that) but have had addiction/recovery touch your life, you are welcome to contribute, too.  You could make a sign that says "in memory of ______", or "love someone sober", or anything else that you'd like to say.

I'd like to get this up next week, so please send along as soon as you can.  I can also use this as a promotional video to spread the word about Crying Out Now to those who are still out there struggling. 

For those of you who have been part of this in the past, you can attest that it's amazing to be part of something that is saving peoples' lives. 

ANY help you can give me by facebooking or tweeting about this would be gratefully received, too, especially you sober bloggers out there. 

Thank you, so much.  Addiction lives in the dark; together we are bringing LIGHT.


  1. How much time do we have to get it in?

    1. It would be great if I could have them all by October 15th - but I will wait until I have enough photos (I need at least 30), so in theory there isn't a deadline, but I'm going to make/publish the video once I have enough photos (not earlier than the 15th).