Friday, December 9, 2011

Time Changes Everything

*** Submitted by Julie, who blogs over at Sober Julie Doing Life

20 Days, that’s all I had

20 days of able body and mind sobriety

20 days of facing my disease and the low-level of my emotional state

20 days to feel frightened, irritable, angry, intrigued and hopeful by the changes which are sobriety

20 days of learning how to live in the same consciousness as my emotions

20 days where I went from “no I’m not an alcoholic” to “Dear God help me, I’m an alcoholic”

20 days to talk openly with my husband about my fears and hopes

20 days to play with my 2 daughters, going tobogganing and hiking in the snow

20 days to begin get to know God again

20 days to walk into 12 Step meeting rooms and learn to open my mind and heart

20 days to truly laugh with my daughters and family about nothing at all

20 quiet mornings with coffees and 12 Step reading

20 pain-free mornings to rush out the door to the career I loved

20 days of quietly reconnecting with my husband

20 evenings alone with my daughters while my husband was at work, evenings filled with gymnastics giggles and tickles

20 days and nights to begin to build my foundation of faith and renew my relationship with God

20 days to begin to change my life

And then….

40 seconds changed my life

40 seconds of icy roads; an out of control SUV in front of me; an impact I cannot remember

40 seconds took away my physical ability to lift and cuddle my daughters; to play with them in the manner I used to; to tie their shoes; to bend over and smell tie their shoes

40 seconds erased my short-term memory; days, minutes and seconds forever gone as soon as they happen

40 seconds stole my husband’s capable, high energy, successful wife

40 seconds robbed me of my career which I had worked tirelessly to achieve

40 seconds altered my life as I knew it, I was no longer self-sufficient, social, free nor active

40 seconds of time has left me with me pain which I would never have imagined

40 seconds in a lifetime changed my children’s Mother in ways they cannot understand

40 seconds altered my path which I had carefully begun to lay out

And since…..

620 days have passed since the accident

620 days I’ve remained sober

620 days of pain, exhaustion, anxiety, loss, challenges beyond my realm of understanding

620 days of learning

620 days of being grateful to God and growing our relationship

620 days of seeing the world in this new, appreciative light

620 days of therapy, assessments, exhaustion and medications

620 days I have turned my will and my life over to God

620 days of watching my daughters grow, laugh and learn

620 days of finding ways to keep memories, blogging, taking photos and journaling

620 days of admiring my amazingly supportive husband

620 days of friendship

620 days of accepting the unknown; realizing that God is in control

620 days of putting myself out here, loud and proud of who and what I’ve become

620 days of prayer

620 days, that’s what I’ve had since those 40 seconds and those 20 days.

Any man can fight the battles of just one day.

This is my sober life thus far, I’m so blessed to have had this much time!

What are you doing with your time?

Are you focusing upon what’s important?


  1. oh wow, I am in awe of your strength!! What a story you have to tell. I am so proud that the last 620 days have been clear and sober for you. Way to go! Sending hugs and love for all the more days to add up, one day at a time.

  2. You are a brave woman. I admire you. You've been through hell. And you deserve the most most amazing respect. You are an honor to those who are struggling for their sobriety. Thank you for putting yourself out there. You give me inspiration. Life is short. Pay attention now. We should be grateful for what we have. Don't waste it. Love to you... and prayers for you. You are in my heart :)


  4. That was so beautiful, frightening, moving and more. You have such grace.

  5. Thank you. Exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thank you for holding my hand today with your words...thank you for taking the time to write this...

  6. Wow Julie...I didn't know!! The devil rools the world and all we can do is ask our higher power to guide us through. I can't imagine being in an auto accident like that!! And you didn't drink!! You should feel pride!!

  7. You are incredible, as is your story.

    Thank you for this and the probing questions that you end your entry with.

    I will keep this in mind today.

  8. Tears are streaming down my face.... ((hugs)) xoxo

  9. Beginnings and Endings, always more strong and memorable than the never ending cycle of drinking and being hungover.
    Lovely share, thank you.