Thursday, July 21, 2011

Faith and the Power of Sharing

**Submitted by Anonymous

I write in my space to document. To journal. To have a record to look back at years from now.

I have never been great about filling up the baby books with information and report cards and printed pictures, but I am good about typing the day-to-day stories and attaching jpegs from my computer. And that is why I keep my blog. For me. I have never had many readers or commenters.

I work full-time and do not put much effort into the social aspect of blogging, that I admit. I started my blog almost 2 years ago to document how I felt about not drinking, how hard or easy sobriety came to me in the beginning months/years and how memories I had about past drinking affected my ongoing sobriety. I wanted to see years down the road if it was really hard in the beginning, how I achieved victory. How I overcame.

Little did I know that only 1 month after choosing sobriety I would find Jesus and my whole world would change. My original idea for a blog about sobriety quickly became a blog about sobriety and faith. And as Jesus worked His grace and mercy into my life, especially the path of recovery, my blog became less about the hardship of sobriety and more about my love for Christ, His Creations and the new-found joys in my life.

With open space to utilize, I wrote more about my family, the day-to-day musings of my young kids and the bigger pictures I saw from everyday life. Sometimes I have felt like I should write more about sobriety, since that was the original intent after all. But I quickly remind myself that I write for me…the comfort that I will have a journal to look back on when the kids are grown and my memory of the little details has faded.

I received a call yesterday from a friend I’ve known for almost 11 years. A woman I partied with a LOT in my 20’s, the woman who introduced me to my husband, a friend who has moved to another state but we still keep in contact through email and Facebook. At the beginning of the conversation I asked how she was doing, and her reply was “I think I have the same problem you did, and I need to get help. Do you have a moment to talk?” We went on to talk about sobriety, AA, the emotions, the guilt...the good the bad and the ugly. I felt so honored to be the person she called in time of need. But one thing that really caught my attention. She said she has read my entire blog the past 2 years and not only have the posts about sobriety helped her realize she has a problem too, but she saw the joy in my recent posts and said she wants that for her life.

Without even writing exclusively about sobriety, my blog made an impact on someone. And that brought even more joy to my already filled heart.

So, I’ll keep writing. For me, and for any single person out there who might be reading. Us alcoholics are all over the place, there is no shame in being one, and there is a life of joy waiting for anyone who reaches out.


  1. Excellent post. I am so happy for your friend’s newfound head space around sobriety and that she reached out to You--how cool is that !~! Please do keep writing; there are many of us who are inspired by bloggers, you among them.

  2. Loved this post. I wish you would have linked your blog :)

  3. loved the honesty of this post.

  4. This post shows the wisdom of true Christian love - devotion to Christ and family without concern for how the world judges success. Success then is how God uses us to impact others in accordance with His will. Clearly you are being used - what influence - from God through you. How truly beautiful.