Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday and Anniversary to ME!

***Submitted by Chris, who blogs at Doggie Lover Has Hope

It’s all about me today!!! Well, isn’t it always?

One of the main characteristics of an alcoholic is self-centeredness, or at least mine!!!!   Anyway, today is about me!!! I am going to be HAPPY!!! I am not going to let the rainy crappy weather, my crazy family or the fact that the hubby left me without gas in my car & I almost didn’t make it to the meeting this morning bring me down!   I forgot my wallet in another purse and I only had $10, well my car said 5 miles to empty and when I put my $10 in the tank the notification didn’t even change, I still had 5 miles to empty, LOL!!!

I had my 8:30 beginners meeting, LOVE THIS MEETING!!! Then I had the 10 meeting after, so I called the hubby, who was still sleeping and told him my dilemma, funny thing is he knew he was SO BAD for not filling the car when he had it that he would have done anything to not have me be upset, but I wasn’t. I just said, my meeting is over at 11, please meet me at the parking lot and follow me to the gas station with some money, and you can pump my gas!!! If I were drinking, I would have lost MY MIND!!!! I actually got a little bit of pleasure out of making him come to help me!!!  I could have just borrowed some money from someone else, but it was more fun to see him squirm, HAAAAAAAA!!!! I am allowed the simple pleasures, right???

So today is my 37th Birthday, I am so thankful to be sober and able to enjoy this day. I am really blessed, and I know life sucks sometimes, but I have what I need for today and I have my sobriety. Would I want to be prettier, thinner, richer….HELL YA!!! Not an alcoholic????.............I ‘m not sure. I feel like I am learning so much from my involvement with AA, my sponsor, my fellow AA friends, all my sober-online friends. I am learning how to become a better wife, daughter, friend & HUMAN BEING!!!   I may not get it right all the time, but when I am wrong I know it, and I try to acknowledge my part in the situation. I am learning how to live life on life’s terms, how God wants me to live!! I am learning how to do all of this SOBER!!

Today is also my 5-year wedding Anniversary. I’ll be honest with you, on April 26th 2010, if you asked me if I would still be married I would say I’m not really sure. Today I am 100% sure that I am married and SO thankful!! I have a super supportive husband, who understands that I am an alcoholic!! Sobriety has given me a completely new marriage & relationship with my husband. A new relationship that is built on the foundation I found in my AA program.

I am NOT a perfect wife, and he is NOT a perfect husband, but we are imperfectly perfect for each other!!!

I may sound like I am on a pink cloud...... maybe I am!! But today I am loving that I am soaring above all the other junk in my life. I am riding a pink cloud of love and gratitude, and I am truly happy today, maybe even tickled PINK!!!

I hope if someone is having a bad day they can look and see that sometimes the bad days can lead into great ones!!


  1. I love this post -- your happiness is shining through! What a great message, to know that things do get better if we just hang on. :)

    Thank you!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Things do get better don't they, it's just wonderful :)

  3. I love happy, upbeat posts like this! Happy birthday and Anniversary to you!

  4. So Ironic, the last few weeks have been the hardest of my life, sober or while drinking. It's good to look back on what you write and it makes you smile. I needed this!!